Why Gentle Nail Laser?

ØShorter treatment regimen
ØMinimal to no local side effects , Now FDA Cleared!
ØNo systemic side effects 
ØAbility to penetrate nail to kill fungus through thermal or photo-inactivation effect



Onychomycosis is a common infection of the nail, and it may affect approximately 6.5% to 8.7% of the North American population.   Visual description includes: yellowed, discolored, thickened and flakey nail / nail debris.    The fungus causes a breakdown of the keratin within your nail plate.   The byproduct is termed subungal debris which harbors both keratin and fungal elements.   The same fungus that is responsible for toenail fungus is also responsible for athletes feet aka tinea pedis.  An infected nail can act as a breeding ground for recurrent athlete's feet and mold.    

Are you embarrassed to show off your nails in sandals?
Are you not a candidate or do not want to take the oral medications?
Do you want the latest technology without the complications?
Do you want the most cost effective and efficient laser?
The cool touch nail laser treatment is here for you!
The Family Foot & Leg Center is now proud to present the custom , gentle light treatment for your yellowed, thickened nails in addition to keryflex total nail resurfacing technology.  
Why the cool touch laser vs others?   The cool touch uses a 1320 nm beam, a much safer and cooler beam than the 1064 nm of the competition.    For additional safety and comfort, a cryogen spray is used when the nail is heated to the optimal treating temperature.    A large 10mm beam diameter, controlled depth provides a reproducible  safe procedure.    More in the FAQ .
The laser is not new to the medical profession.    Lasers have been used for vein removal, wart distruction, removal of fine lines / wrinkles, hair, acne and tatoo removal.   
The studies for this cool touch laser has been impressive, please see the data page for the summary of findings and articles. 

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Diagnosis of Onychomycosis 

Nail appearance
ØThickened, brittle, crumbly or ragged, distorted shape, dull, dark appearance
History of predisposing contributing conditions
ØDiabetes, older age, excessive sweating, twisted or claw-like nail appearance, nail trauma, poor peripheral circulation and immunosuppression
Microscopic exam and culture of nail clippings and scrapings